Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lifestyle ~ Waiting for the Call

Once again I was privileged to be present for part of the A Belly For Me A Baby For You story. Last time it was for the embryo transfer and this time for the call from the doctor's office saying whether it had worked or not. When asked if I would like to be there to take photos during the big news, I have to admit I was super nervous. Of course it's exciting and fun to be around when people receive good news but I'm not good with dealing with my own emotions when I receive bad news, and don't always know how to handle when others do either. I'm the queen of saying the wrong thing and I'm all too familiar with the taste of my own foot.
The main way I get myself into that trouble is because I tend to try to diffuse awkward or stressful situations with humor and that's often not what other people need in that moment. Enter Tiffany. This is her strategy for coping with these situations as well so I was in good company. Any nerves I had on the drive in, quickly dissipated when I arrived at her house that morning. 
It took a bit to get everything set up for the documentary filming and then we had to wait for the call. During that time Tiffany joked about what her reactions would be if it was good news...
...or if it was bad news...
Her husband/documentary director Sean is such a trooper.
Finally it we got the call...and it was GREAT NEWS!!!
I love this funny, "100% Natural Prego Traditional" girl. Thanks for letting me be a small part of your big day!