Friday, April 6, 2012

Lifestyle ~ Surrogacy Documentary

So I'll admit it. I'm a control freak photographer who likes to pose people from head to toenails and get backgrounds and lighting just right before taking each shot. I also get the willies just thinking about medical procedures and do my best to stay out of people's business, especially when it comes to their baby making activities.
When the opportunity to be the onset photographer for a friend's surrogacy documentary arose, (no posing, horrible lighting AND in a medical clinic!) naturally I knew it was perfect for me. If I had been working with anyone else I might not have felt so at ease stepping out of my comfort zone but if you ever have the pleasure of meeting this family you will realize that their love for each other radiates beyond the confines of legal and biological family and that everyone around them begins to feel like part of their story. This may be some of the reason they have over 33,000 hits on their surrogacy blog. The other reason is that they're boldly sharing their journey which in so many ways is also the journey of thousands of women who mourn in secret shame because they haven't been able to have a baby as easily as it seems everyone else does everyday around them. 
Whether you can personally identify or not, it's worth a read! Check out a few more of my photos from their second embryo transfer attempt and behind the scenes stuff as well as this continuing story of love, sacrifice and hope at A Belly For Me, A Baby For You.
From left to right: Sean (Tiffany's Husband and Director of Documentary), Tiffany (Surrogate), Natalie (Intended Mother) and James Natalie's husband, Tiffany's brother and Intended Father).