Sunday, October 31, 2010

Personal ~ Halloween

Before our annual Halloween open house we host each year I decided to snap a few photos of the people that came early. Over the years I've made costumes for various shows, events and ourselves of course and we generally get out a selection for people to wear that show up without one.
My niece Vivian showed up in the fairy costume I made for her a couple years
prior, and then she added the lions head and a mustache from my collection.

My dad put on the scarecrow costume.

Jamie and I are wearing the Robin Hood costumes I made for us a couple years back.
We won first place in a costume contest that year!

My little brother Mark is wearing the dino jammies I made a while back.
I whipped those up the night before a show when they were needed at the last minute.
They're very cozy in the winter when the house is chilly.