Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Project ~ Coffee Filters

I've known photographer Spanki Mills for years, ever since my 4.5 year old twins were babies and I found out she had twins too. She had written an amazing article about the importance of getting family photos which really resonated with me and I had to look her up. It wasn't until last year at WPPI (a photographers' conference) that we finally met in person though. We had been discussing plans to hang out again at this year's event when it occurred to me she would be a great model for a shoot I was planning. She agreed immediately and at that point I knew I was committed. I knew I wanted to make her an outfit out of an unusual material but was limited by size and weight. I couldn't really make it beforehand or it would get smashed in my luggage. Finally I headed off to WPPI 2015 with a pack of coffee filters, a glue stick and some brown medical tape. Beyond that I had no real plan until she was standing in front of me. She was so trusting to let me just go for whatever I wanted to do. Besides limiting my materials I also limited my backgrounds by doing the entire shoot in my hotel room. Here are the final results.