Monday, November 24, 2014

Project ~ Film Negatives

This is a project I've been chatting about with Patience of Joe and Patience for awhile. They shoot a lot of film these days and have lots of developed negatives to show for it. I only used a fraction of those to make this dress. Essentially she's wearing my work and theirs. She didn't have this tattoo when we originally came up with this idea but I'm so glad she got it in time for this shoot. I'm also thankful Kendra Hittinger happened to be in town from Hawaii to do hair and makeup. I can't imagine this would have turned out even half as cool without it.  
This also marks my first shoot back in my studio which has since been turned back into my office. Without my seamless paper and long wall to work with I had to get creative. The morning of the shoot I painted a sheet of plywood black brushed on with some leftover gray from my kitchen. In the first photo I used it behind her and in the second I put it on top of my tile floor.