Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project ~ Las Vegas

Three days. Three shoots. One model. 
The goal was to setup three very different shoots with the same model over three days in Vegas. The first day we did a darker night shoot at 2:00 a.m. in our condo. We were tired and delirious and it got a little goofy at the end. 
The next day we trekked out to the desert just as the sun was about to go down. It was so beautiful but freezing. I had wrapped Kinsey in gauze and tulle and the icy wind was whipping it around like crazy. At one point in my haste I jogged backwards and tripped over some bushes, flinging my camera and favorite lens out of my hands and across the rocky terrain. Fortunately it was all okay and I didn't need my backup. I was a little bloody and bruised but it was totally worth it. Every couple minutes we rushed back to the running van and tried to warm up a little and then hopped out again to snap a few more. 
Day three we decided to stay in our warm condo and did a more natural hair and makeup look. At one point I handed her a mound of tulle to hold in her lap and it looked like she was wearing a dress. 
Although it was exhausting it was worth all the hard work. Thanks for all the fun, girls!  
Hair and Makeup by: Kendra Hittinger
Model: Kinsey Allen
Assistant: Ingrid French
Assistant: Karen Allen