Thursday, January 22, 2009

~Project~ Sisters

Heather was a great sport allowing me to style her for a different type of shoot. 
I was also able to experiment with some of my new lighting equipment!
Harmony did her own hair and makeup as well as the alterations on her dress. We were excited
to find a room with wallpaper that matched the peach color in her former bridesmaid dress perfectly!
It was fun to shoot these photos of Ashley in preperation for her upcoming wedding I will be shooting in the same location! I'm pretty sure her hair and makeup will be less crazy on that day, however.
Heather and Ashley are wearing their bridesmaid dresses from when they were in my wedding. Ashley did Heather's hair and Heather did Ashley's, while I did their makeup. The original intent was to "trash" the dresses but we ran out of time and plan to schedule another shoot to do that. I'm thankful to them both for being willing to go along with all my crazy ideas for a whole day!